Biyu Nasak Gallery

Biyu Nasak Gallery Lovina Bali

Biyu Nasak Gallery Lovina Bali | Authentic traditional Indonesian artworks

Established by Duyfken replica founder Michael Young

Biyu Nasak Gallery Lovina Bali

What Biyu Nasak Gallery Lovina Bali stands for,

  • Helping to sustain traditional authentic art enterprises in Indonesia with a strong emphasis on protecing original community ceremonial art works from factory reproductions.
  • Ensuring that buyers get a choice of the finest and most beautiful original hand made art pieces from Bali and surrounds. From Sumatra to Java and Bali to Irian Jaya we support traditional asli asli artisaans.

In many cases , especially with weaving and wood carving we are sustaining ancient crafts and threatened skills that may vanish soon under the dual onslaught of mass pirated reproductions and use of chemical ingediants. For example chemical dies and machine spun cotton and factory Ikat weaving. Many sweat shop urban based factories are flooding out woman weavers and their use of handspun cotton and vegatable dyes and back strap looms and dislocating ancient social and cultural use of ikats and sonkets to bind communities and families together. We are especially active in NTT province i Easrern Indonesia via our base in the Timor Islands. Similar adverse social impacts are aused by the wholesale copying of ancestoral wood cravings with low grade timbers that arefound in numerous suvernier art shops.

We hope to educate visitors and give them an opportunity to see original traditional hand made pieces only.

We handpick the number one quality Hindu and Buddha Bronze artifacts from Javawhere the bronze age arrived in Java around 200bc and we work with the most skilled bronze artisaans there. Back starp weaving arrived in Indonesia at about the same time along with how to make a rice paddy and more. All this came with the last great wave of bronze age Austronesians whoes ancestors are still prevelant in Eastern Indonesia.

By selecting the most beautiful hand made wood and bronze and stone Buddhas and Ganeshas, and Shivas and ancestoral artifacts (and weavings too) we can help ensure the livehoods and continuance of the most creative skilled artisaans and their ceremonial values and practices. This will encourage their sons and daughters to continue with the ancient skills and engender respect and community cohesion..

Biyu gallery has experts on hand and a substantial reference library which can be enjoyed along with our dedicated and friendly staff and bottomless cups of tea and coffee. We also provide free handouts and cultural talks to tour groups and individuals on request on the art works and the unique ceremonial meanings and uses of Ancestral, Hindu and Buddhist works in Indonesia.

Our staff can also arrange for your goods to be shipped around the globe safely and economically.

We want you to come to Lovina and see for your self Lovinas wonderful and varied sea and mountain side accommodation and peaceful activities and what beautiful traditional art Indonesia really has to offer.

See you in Lovina!

Biyu Gallery


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